Sarita Johan

Business Coach | Transformation Specialist

Sarita Johan has more than 30 years experience in business. After spending her career climbing the corporate ladder, running her own businesses and juggling family and relationships - this no-nonsense business and transformation coach pulls no punches when assessing her clients' needs and getting to the bottom of what’s holding them back.

SJ Coaching was born in rubble. A snapped femur, financial hardship, and a broken marriage led Sarita to take a step back and make a choice. And she chose to redesign her life.  She walked away from her high-profile career, invested in self-development and became a NLP Master Practitioner, DISC profiler and Business Process Agility Specialist to compliment her decades of experience in business, management and operations and is now delivering a holistic solution for those in business, appreciating that we are not our business and that we need to consider all areas of life.

Through her unique blend of business and mindset consulting and proven strategies Sarita helps clients from all walks of life ‘reconnect and thrive’ - identifying their business blindspots and self-imposed blockers that have been holding them back - both in business and life.

Sarita specialises in Business Improvement Consulting with:

  • Husband and wife Teams: you love your partner and your family - so why don’t you love working with them? Managing and consulting within many Dynamic Duo businesses, Sarita understands the intricacies and unique tensions faced by those doing business and life. 
  • SME's with teams: you started your business with a vision and as your growing you want your team to grow with you, you are looking at ways to improve, deliver the X factor to your clients. But sometimes it feels like you are still doing it all..... After years of consulting with businesses large and small, Sarita shares all her learnings on how your business can grow without you having to be involved at each touch point. 
  • Executives: as executives you are expected to lead,  you’re expected to not only run a team but often outside of work we have other roles we are required to play.  After juggling these two demanding worlds, Sarita understands the challenges faced by executives who want (and can have!) it all. Let Sarita show you how.

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If you’re ready for a frank conversation, to take control of your life AND business and see real results - contact Sarita at SJ Coaching and find out how we can work together.