SME’s with Teams

You are a business owner and your team is growing.... 

When you started you had a vision and passion to take your product or service out into the world. Your vision  has seen your business expand. You added people to your business to help you, yet somehow it still feels they are reliant on you every day. With so many areas to focus on whilst maintaining the quality of your product or service things can get overwhelming.  You want to empower your  team to  help you with the "heavy lifting", you want to  take your hands off the reigns a bit more, but you’re the one finding yourself holding it all together,  worrying about the business, profits, clients and staff.  And sometimes you stop and wonder... is there a better way? The answer is yes and SJ Coaching is the solution.

Sarita is  a certified Nextgile Business Process Agility Specialist and has spent 30 years in business working in a range of different industries across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

This no-nonsense, straight-talking Business and Mindset Coach pulls no punches when working with SME's approaching business with a holistic view appreciating that Business Owners are not their business and that all areas of life require attention. Sarita will help you identify exactly what’s holding you and your team back, help you systemise your business, expand your revenue and work with you to identify how you can deliver your clients the best Customer Experience. 

If you want to built the business you set out to create - to be the big-picture thinker, not the guy in the trenches - you need SJ Coaching.

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    How we do it


    Together, we’ll allocate responsibilities and set boundaries between you and your staff.


    By understanding your role, you can be the boss you always wanted to be.


    With clarity comes control - over your business and your life.


    Design and live the life you wanted as a Business Owner.