Dynamic Duos

husband and wife team

When was the last time you talked about something other than 'the business'?

Family business is tough. You know the people you’re working with better than anyone else in the world. You can be honest and frank. You can be brutal and pushy. And you know exactly what buttons to push to get a reaction - and you push them harder than you would an ordinary colleague.

Working with your partner, parent, child or sibling - can bring you closer together - but it has the potential to drive you apart - and drag your business down with it.

With more than 30 years experience in family business - having worked in family business herself  - Sarita understands the intricacies and unique tensions faced by those in tight-knit family operations.

This no-nonsense, straight-talking business coach pulls no punches when working with couples and families in business and her fearless approach - backed by years of experience and specialised training - will help you identify exactly what’s holding you and your business back to create solutions specific for you.

So if you want a productive, happy workplace that’s free of family tension and unnecessary stress - you need SJ Coaching.

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    Creating your business as a system.

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    Align values and create a supportive environment for your team.

    A productive team is a happy team.


    Measurable outcomes.  A happy, productive business means more $$ in your pocket.