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SJ Coaching worked with couple co-owners Jacquie and Chris to smash their goals for creative agency Silverlane. Sarita worked with the owners and the staff to identify blockers, adjust mindsets and improve processes for the year ahead.

“Within the first six weeks of working with Sarita, I can attribute 200k of extra sales. Her process of helping business owners identifying leaks and gaps is very clever, with a non nonsense, easy to fix approach.” - Jacquie Baker, Silverlane.


SJ Coaching worked with the YMCA facilitating how to influence beyond powerpoint. 

"We asked Sarita to deliver a session we titled ‘Persuasion Beyond Power Point’. The aim of our workshop was for team members to explore the art of persuasion and gain the practical skills needed to be key influencers in our organisation. By taking the time to explore our needs Sarita developed a tailored, engaging and informative session that hit the mark with our team and met the objectives of our brief. Sarita is an energetic, professional and responsive facilitator who held the interest of the group and delivered a session that was a good balance of theory and practical."
Ari Kurzeme
Manager - Advocacy
YMCA Victoria

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SJ Coaching worked with driven and passionate female business owner, Georgia to break old habits, set personal goals and build her business.

“I highly recommend Sarita's coaching methods. I can honestly say I am much clearer on my direction in personal goals and implementing new tools that have help me build on my business. Sarita guided me through some challenges which allowed me to finally break old habits, and boost my confidence. Thanks Sarita!” - Georgia



After 30 years running a manufacturing business, Boxes to Go business partners, Tim and Robert, approached SJ Coaching to open their eyes to a new way of doing things - improving processes and structure to achieve their business goals.

“Sarita helped me see and remove the obstacles that were holding me back in business. Now I’m feeling far more productive, more in control and far less stressed.” Tim, Boxes to Go

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SJ Coaching worked with bodybuilder Mike Holton of Ultimate Performance Supplements to re-think his approach to the fundamentals of business - finding better, more effective ways of running his business.

“Working with Sarita has been an absolute blessing. She took the time to understand me, explain things in a way I could comprehend and even made me accountable for all those little yet important things we all put off. All the basic fundamentals which we often overlook in the day-to-day hustle of work were laid down before my very eyes and a plan evolved. My business has certainly prospered and developed a completely new professional approach." - Mike Holton, Ultimate Performance Supplements